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Your username, full name (if provided), and IP address are recorded when you use Simplify3D Wiki.


When you create an account on Simplify3D Wiki, you will choose a username. This username is used to log into Simplify3D Wiki, and is displayed in reports and logs to identify you as the user who performed certain actions.

IP Address

In certain cases, your IP address is also captured, and may be displayed in reports and logs, with or without an associated username. This identifies the source of an otherwise anonymous user.

Full Name

Providing your full name when setting up your account is optional. No user will be required to disclose this information. If you include it in your account, it will be recorded in the User Table, and included in some reports and logs of activities on the system.

Your Rights

You have the right ...

  • know what information is being tracked by Simplify3D Wiki.
  • request information be updated or removed.

You may have other rights as well. It is our policy to respect your privacy. Your information remains under your control, and we will do all we can to ensure your desired level of privacy is maintained.