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Thank you for finding Simplify3D Wiki. This Wiki is entirely user supported.


The folks at are not affiliated with this user-supported wiki. As such, this wiki should not be used for official documentation, announcements, or other material published by Simplify3D. Links to those items may be included in Simplify3D Wiki, but do not copy the actual text. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission of the copyright holders! Violations of this will be removed.


  1. Respect your fellow users. Anyone found to be abusing another user, or the Simplify3D Wiki itself is subject to be banned from Simplify3D Wiki.
  2. No edit wars. Any page undergoing an edit war will be locked, and the warring parties will be warned. Three strikes and you are out (banned).
  3. To edit, you must be a registered user. No anonymous editing is permitted.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material to Simplify3D Wiki without permission. Submissions to Simplify3D Wiki are expected to be of original authorship (your own words), or information for which you have the rights to share.
  5. Links to material on other sites, including, are permitted, but do not copy any of that text and place it on Simplify3D Wiki without permission.

Getting Started

Search for the information you need. At first, Simplify3D Wiki will have sparse information, but every time someone adds new articles, the knowledge base will grow. If you have information to share, please add it to this Wiki. Even if you don't know how to format the pages correctly, just get the information loaded. Add the following tag somewhere on your page {{NeedsReview}}. This will flag the page for an Administrator to review and update the page for you. The most important thing is to capture the knowledge; making it pretty comes later.

Recruiting more Editors

Due to Abuse, we are temporarily suspending the ability for users to self-create accounts. If you need an account, request one in the the Simplify3D Users group on Facebook.

If you know of someone who has special knowledge of Simplify3D, and who is not already an editor here, please let them know about Simplify3D Wiki. Anyone can sign up, and as soon as their email address is confirmed, they can start adding to this knowledge base.

Simplify3D Wiki is Free

You may use Simplify3D Wiki free of charge. This wiki is being funded by the Simplify3D Wiki founder, without any expectation of remuneration or compensation. However, if you are called to help with the financial realities of hosting a Wiki page, you may contact Mark Galbraith for details.

Links to other Wikis

Main Page: Other 3D Printing Wikis


Your username, full name (if provided), and IP address are recorded when you use Simplify3D Wiki. If you are unwilling to have this information stored in our User list or logs, then do not register for an account on Simplify3D Wiki.